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The Morning Huddle Podcast w/ Eric The Counselor

Mar 5, 2018

Did you know that your Attachment Style is what drives you to seek out the individual’s you are attracted to? If you’ve never heard about Attachment Theory and how your Attachment Style effects your adult relationships, you need to listen to this entire podcast.

Todays guest is Dominique Braden, a Marriage and family therapist in Nashville Tn. Like many therapists, Dominique has a personal story on why she chose this work and why she’s passionate about helping couples.

Show Notes:

Four Attachment Styles 7:26

When does a persons attachment style develop 10:00

Relationship Research 14:48

How to find your attachment style: 17:33

What are stigmas on relationships and belonging 19:46

How thinking “I don’t need anybody” negatively impacts your mental health 25:26

How to break the stigma of “I don’t need anybody” 28:05

Signs that you might need someone 29:10

What is belonging? 30:30

How shame effects people ff color when needing help 32:18

Connect with Dominique Braden 36:16

We hope you enjoyed todays morning huddle and have learned something new about relationships and belonging. Recording these interviews is a lot of fun as we press to complete season one of the show.

Be sure to take action on what you heard by searching the web for an attachment quiz to figure out how those relationships in your childhood play a role in your relationships today. Search for “psychology today attachment quiz” and that should take you to the quiz. If you don't mind please tell a friend, tell a friend, tell a friend about our show.

Eric The Counselor